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Sam's Story

Working in an industry that took a hard hit during the economic crisis, Sam* experienced one month, followed by two months, followed by almost a full year of no commission income, creating a deep dent in Sam’s family livelihood.

“It just got to a point, by mid-fall of last year, when I had absolutely nowhere in life to turn to. We were losing everything that we had. We were even about to lose the roof over our heads. We would have to separate the family to go to live with friends. I have a wife, I have children, and I had to do something…”

“When I came to the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati I had already received a notice to vacate my premises with no place to go. Within one day I was notified that I had a place to go if I needed it. No questions asked. Above and beyond my problems there was hope.”

“I did not know that this kind of help is available to the people that have the emotional or physical or material need for this type of intervention. I do not even have the words to say thank you. I just have the internal emotion and satisfaction that these people were there for me. It is absolutely unbelievable.”

During the economic crisis, the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, together with Jewish Family Service and Jewish Vocational Service, helped coordinate requests for emergency assistance.

* Sam's name has been changed to protect his identity.

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