We know there are as many ways to be Jewish as there are people in our Cincinnati community. AND THAT’S GREAT. But one thing we do, in all our diversity, is SHOW WE CARE.


Here’s your chance to give back before Super Sunday on March 20. Your generosity will keep our Jewish community strong.

18 Ways NUMBERS-01.jpg
I want to keep our community strong

18 Ways NUMBERS-02.jpg
I believe in protecting the security of our community

18 Ways NUMBERS-03.jpg
I want my children to know and love our faith

18 Ways NUMBERS-04.jpg
I want to help Holocaust survivors live with dignity

18 Ways NUMBERS-05.jpg
I want to support seniors, including my parents/grandparents

18 Ways NUMBERS-06.jpg
I want to repair the world (tikkun olam)

18 Ways NUMBERS-07.jpg
I want to fight antisemitism

18 Ways NUMBERS-08.jpg
I believe in justice

18 Ways NUMBERS-09.jpg
I am part of this community

18 Ways NUMBERS-10.jpg
I want to honor those who have gone before me

18 Ways NUMBERS-11.jpg
I want to help the vulnerable

18 Ways NUMBERS-12.jpg
I want a vibrant Jewish future

18 Ways NUMBERS-13.jpg
I support a strong connection to Israel

18 Ways NUMBERS-14.jpg
I support our outreach to and alliances in the community

18 Ways NUMBERS-15.jpg
I want to help Russian-speaking seniors live with dignity

18 Ways NUMBERS-16.jpg
I support the mental health of our teens and young adults

18 Ways NUMBERS-17.jpg
I want leadership opportunities for our young adults

18 Ways NUMBERS-18.jpg
I believe tzedakah is our obligation