The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati is the backbone organization that catalyzes our community in common purpose. We may come from different places and express our Jewishness in different ways, but we are unified in our vision to build a flourishing, diverse Jewish community for future generations.

The Federation is a community-driven convener, mobilizing diverse groups toward collective action. We are problem-solvers and opportunity-makers with unparalleled reach, raising funds and allocating resources where  they’re most needed. Connected by our values and tradition, we act as a force for good in the world: caring for the elderly, striving for social justice, keeping our community safe, combating antisemitism, and bringing crucial aid to the most vulnerable.

As a small minority that brings innovation, vision, and leadership to Greater Cincinnati and beyond, the Federation operates locally with global impact.

To develop and connect leaders, contributors, organizations, and ideas to build an inclusive Jewish community that helps people in need, supports Israel, and assures a vibrant Jewish future.

To build a flourishing, inclusive, and diverse Jewish community. We empower everyone to participate through learning, volunteering, leading, and social action. We care for everyone in our community and ensure all have  access to a full and meaningful life.

  • We try to open our hearts to others, to understand, empathize with, and care for them.

  • We make difficult decisions despite conflicting priorities in service of our community’s best interests.

  • We respect, serve, embrace, and value all people.

  • We strive to act with fairness, and honor the trust given to us.

  • Continuous learning is at the heart of who we are. We learn from our traditions, best practices, partner agencies, leaders, and community.

At the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, we bring diverse groups together to build a vibrant Jewish community. The 30 "Fundamentals" that follow describe the daily practices that help us to achieve our mission, and to live our Core Values.

We are all members of the Jewish community, including interfaith families and those of every socioeconomic status; race; gender; national background; sexual orientation; gender identity; and physical, mental, and developmental ability. We also warmly embrace non-Jewish participants in our community.