27 2015

Beth Adam: Steen Metz, a Holocaust Survivor, Shares His Story

9:30AM - 11:00AM  

Congregation Beth Adam 10001 Loveland Madeira Rd.
Loveland, OH 45140

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Beth Adam is honored to welcome Steen Metz on Sunday, September 27 at 9:30 AM to share his experiences and unique perspective.

A native of Denmark, Metz was arrested along with his parents and sent to Theresienstadt in 1943 when he was only 8 years old. Though one of some 15,000 children to pass through the concentration camp, Metz is among the less than 1,500 who survived. His father died of starvation within six months, while Metz and his mother endured until their liberation in April of 1945.

Though private regarding his imprisonment for many years, Metz is now passionate about sharing his experiences because, as he states on his website, “the number of Holocaust survivors dwindles each year, thus young and old people alike may have less of a chance to hear a first-hand account of the Holocaust.” He has spoken with more than 130 groups and impacted more than 12,000 people with the story of his survival. Metz is especially driven to share his story with young people so that future generations “never forget” the horrors of the Holocaust.

Beth Adam thanks The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education, our community partner for this event.