19 2021

Hidden Treasures of Israel

11:00AM - 12:15PM  


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Join the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati on an Israeli adventure—without ever leaving your living room. Our private tour guide has curated a bevy of cultural experiences that will take us along the Israel Trail, beginning in the south and winding our way north over the course of six monthly experiences. Soak in the sounds of local musicians, explore archeological sites, take in some of Israel's most breathtaking landscapes, and see the Start-Up Nation's brightest innovators.

Don't forget the souvenirs! Complete four or more experiences on this journey, and we will deliver an assortment of gifts and goods from each stop on our trip, hand selected by our tour guide.

We will begin by heading further north to the Western Galilee, where we will see Acre, the secret face of this Arab-Jewish ancient and modern city. Our stop will include visiting the Baha'i Gardens of Acre and the Tunisian synagogue. We will meet with Michal Shiloach, CEO of the Western Galilee Now Initiative for regional economic and touristic development, as well as Kathy Raff, one of the founders of Al Farsha (butterfly) House for women. Next up is a graffiti tour on the border with Lebanon. Along the way, we will see several local wineries and dairy farms and hear their unique stories.

All tours will take place on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. on Zoom and will last approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.