12 2015

Israelity: Smadar Dekel Naim - Speak Now...Freedom of Choice in Marriage

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Isaac M. Wise Temple 8329 Ridge Road
Cincinnati, OH

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Chair: Robbin Dell

Smadar Dekel Naim, Officiant of Secular Jewish Weddings and Family Lawyer & Mediator 

Legal weddings in Israel must be performed through a religious authority, leaving a majority of secular Jews, interfaith, same-sex, and immigrant couples unable to marry as they choose. By conducting non-religious weddings for Israeli Jews, Smadar Dekel Naim gives them a personally meaningful way to reconnect to their culture and traditions. She will talk about her work promoting religious pluralism and diversity, as well as current efforts to reform Israel’s marriage and divorce laws.

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#FixIsraeliMarriageLaws  | #MarriageEquality​​

Smadar Dekel Naim recently stepped down as the head of Havaya, Israel’s leading provider of secular Jewish weddings. She is a lawyer and an expert in conflict resolution and contract negotiation, mediating divorces and helping couples create premarital and cohabitation agreements. Smadar blogs at the Israeli women’s website Saloona on issues related to Jewish renewal, pluralism, and family law, such as gender, equality, religion, and politics.


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Sponsor: Mayerson JCC, Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)