27 2021

JCRC - Democracy as a Social Project

12:00PM - 1:00PM  


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Democracy is government for the people, by the people. In practice, it is a social contract we keep with our fellow Americans. But who are “we the people?” And in today’s age of intersectional and evolving identities, what are the implications for our system of self-government? Join Yavilah McCoy, a pioneer of the Jewish diversity and equity movement, as she discusses democracy as a social project and the impact that a diverse, evolving populace has on it.

About Yavilah McCoy

Yavilah McCoy is the CEO of DIMENSIONS Inc. in Boston, a consulting practice that facilitates training in diversity, equity, and inclusion. An anti-racism activist and Jewish woman of color, McCoy has spent the past 20 years working extensively in multi-faith communities and partnering specifically with the Jewish community to engage issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, including as a member of the expanded Women’s March steering committee. She has designed numerous tools and methods that enable students and educators to be better citizens of the world through exploring differences and reaching for tangible solutions in allied engagement.

About this Virtual Event Series

Because of our nation’s sacred promises of religious freedom and opportunity, millions of people over centuries have fled persecution in other countries to be part of the American experiment. The recent rise of extremism and antisemitism have eroded that fundamental promise, and trends of polarization have created an environment where our democracy, which protects our sacred civil liberties, faces unprecedented threats and challenges. The Jewish Community Relations Council is examining the current crisis in America through its speaker series To Bigotry No Sanction: Jewish Perspectives at the Crossroads of American Democracy and Pathways Forward. Each program will unpack a different aspect of the changing dynamics in our democracy, with a focus on what we as citizens can do to strengthen it.