11 2016

JVS Career Services - Motivation Monday

9:30AM - 10:30AM  

JVS Career Services: Seeker Services 4540 Cooper Road, Suite 300
Cincinnati, OH

Contact Kaci Rouse
(513) 936-9675 (Phone)
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Experiencing the Monday morning jobless blues? Monday mornings during a job search can be tough. Facing the week without direction or a place to go is profound and can be dispiriting to your job search.

Let the consultants at JVS Career Services help you get ahead and get motivated with a workshop Monday morning designed to encourage job seekers.

Glaisha Atkinstall, a Career Consultant with JVS Career Services will be our guest speaker. Glaisha’s theme for this Motivation Monday will be “Personal Branding for Career Success.”

As a Career Development Specialist, Glaisha’s expertise is in resume writing, interviewing, networking and communication, skill-building, self-marketing, professional image, career development and career change.
Glaisha has earned her Master’s Degree in Communication from Michigan State University and has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Xavier University. She is also a member of the Professional Association of Resume` Writers & Career Coaches through JVS Career Services.

Our workshops are accessible. If you need accommodations, there is an entrance located behind our building that will lead you directly to the first floor where workshops are held.