9 2014

Stories, Visions, & Dreams: Sharing Your Love of Learning with Your Child

9:30AM - 11:00AM  

Wise Center 8329 Ridge Road
Cincinnati, OH

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Rabbi Seymour Rossel is a storyteller and the author of 36 books, including: The Holocaust: An End to Innocence, The Essential Jewish Stories, A Child's Bible, and Bible Dreams. His most recent book is The Wise Folk of Chelm. Rabbi Rossel currently teaches religion, archaeology, and Bible at the Women's Institute of Houston. In a presentation for parents and grandparents, Rabbi Rossel will speak about Stories, Visions, and Dreams: Sharing Your Love of Learning with Your Children. Parents and grandparents are the most essential link in the chain of tradition. Come discuss new ways you can actualize this link in your family circle. It's not Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray, but Rabbi Rossel has cooked up a few fascinating recipes to share.