9 2017

Speak up Speak Easy: Tattoos—A Jewish Taboo?

6:00PM - 8:00PM  

Northside Yacht Club 4227 Spring Grove Avenue
Cincinnati, OH

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Speak Up Speak Easy is back! We’re excited to host, once again, a series of casual forums for the socialite and socially conscious voice in all of us. We'll discuss subjects relevant to Jews here in Cincinnati and around the world, all while connecting with new and familiar faces. You won’t want to miss the first Speak Up event of the season, “Tattoos: A Jewish Taboo?” Get ready to look closely at this practice of body modification from a Jewish lens. If society is beginning to accept tattoos as common practice, are Jews?

Just like many other Jewish topics, it’s all up for discussion.

Rabbi Robert Barr will lead us through, providing rabbinic insight and asking important questions such as; who actually owns your body? Does Holocaust history play a role in tattoo decision making?  If a Jewish person doesn’t follow other laws – why follow this one?