19 2016

Amit Peled – Journey To My Jewishness

7:30PM - 10:00PM  

Wise Temple

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$ Cost $ 15.00

Embark on a musically guided, spiritual journey by allowing world renowned cellist, Amit Peled to inspire you with his own narrative of Jewish exploration. During his “Journey with my Jewishness” concert, Peled’s musical renditions will illustrate his path for balance among tradition, identity and self-expression. Peled’s personal story in conjunction with a selection of deeply moving works and passionate performance provide an emotionally stimulating, musical experience. (Paragraph break)Voted by Musical America as one of the most Influential Music Professionals of 2015, Peled’s compelling performances break down barriers between performers and the audience, making the classical music experience more accessible to wider audiences. After performing in major concert halls such as Carnegie Hall, London’s Wigmore Hall, and Tel Aviv’s Mann Auditorium, he will be taking the stage at Wise Center to guide members in a spiritual journey like no other. Peled will be performing with the historic Goffriller cello (1733) that belonged to the legendary musician Pablo Casals.
This event will be open to the larger community. Tickets are free for Wise Temple members with a reservation. To reserve your free ticket: or call 513-793-2556.

Sponsor: co-sponsored by Isaac M. Wise Temple and Matinée Musicale