28 2017

Israelity: A Delicate Balancing Act

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Northern Hills Synagogue

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A Delicate Balancing Act: the story of the Jewish-Arab Galilee circus in Israel

From trapeze to tightrope—the world of the circus takes trust to a new level. But in Rabbi Marc Rosenstein’s Galilee Circus, the stakes are even higher. Working together, Jewish and Arab teenage acrobats have formed bonds that allow them to inspire and amaze, both under the big tent and in their shared Israeli society. Rabbi Rosenstein will share his reflections in taking Arab-Israeli cooperation to new heights, with hopes for a stronger shared future.​

About the speaker

After a decade as a teacher and administrator in Chicago and Philadelphia Jewish day schools, Rabbi Marc Rosenstein moved to Shorashim, a small community in the Galilee region of Israel. There, he served for twenty years as the director of the Galilee Foundation for Value Education, an organization that uses informal education to generate social change. In addition to his involvement with the Galilee Circus, Rabbi Rosenstein writes a regular column about life in the Galilee for the Union for Reform Judaism’s website.  ​

This presentation is part of the 2017 Israelity speaker series, “Coexistence.” This year’s featured speakers will bring different Israeli perspectives to Cincinnati to discuss their efforts in building Israel’s shared society. The series is brought to you by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati in collaboration with the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Mayerson JCC.