14 2021

Hidden Treasures of Israel

11:00AM - 12:15PM  


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Join the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati on an Israeli adventure—without ever leaving your living room. Our private tour guide has curated a bevy of cultural experiences that will take us along the Israel Trail, beginning in the south and winding our way north over the course of six monthly experiences. Soak in the sounds of local musicians, explore archeological sites, take in some of Israel's most breathtaking landscapes, and see the Start-Up Nation's brightest innovators.

Don't forget the souvenirs! Complete four or more experiences on this journey, and we will deliver an assortment of gifts and goods from each stop on our trip, hand-selected by our tour guide.

Heading north, we will meet the entrepreneurs of the start-up company Electrion that develops “intelligent roads” for self-charging of electric cars. Along the Israel Trail from Zichron Yaacov, we will meet the Bet El Christian community and Jasar-a-Zarka. In this Arab village, we will learn about local social projects as well as the ancient history of the water system to Caesarea. Next, we will visit the Peace Valley and HaShofet Stream, a beautiful nature hike. There, we will learn about the Lotem project of accessible trails, supported by the Cincinnati JNF chapter. We will end our day in Afula, the capital of Jesarel Valley, for a joint activity with the local artist community, one of the Tarbut Movement groups.

All tours will take place on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. on Zoom and will last approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.