8 2020

What's at Stake: Annexation and an Uncertain Future #IPFAtid

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Beginning July 1, the new Knesset government intends to begin the process of applying sovereignty (annexation) over large portions of the West Bank. In the short and long-runs, how would this move disrupt the foundations and values guiding the US-Israel relationship? How might annexation threaten Israeli security, regional stability, and the pursuit of a viable peace between Israelis and Palestinians?

Join leading experts Aaron David Miller (Washington, DC) and Dr. Shira Efron (Tel Aviv) for a guided conversation on the key factors and nuances behind these policies. Moderated by IPF Atid's Adam Basciano, our discussion will answer submitted questions from young professionals and will focus particular attention on ways invested stakeholders can raise their voices against annexation.

- Shira Efron: Policy Advisor, Israel Policy Forum
- Aaron David Miller: Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
- (Moderated By) Adam Basciano: IPF Atid National Director, Israel Policy Forum

To learn more about the background and ramifications of annexation, explore Israel Policy Forum’s Annexation Watch: ipf.li/annexationwatch