7 2020

Cincinnati March for Racial Justice

1:00PM - 6:00PM  

Fountain Square 520 Vine Street

We are rallying and marching in a peaceful protest against the systematic oppression and police brutality the black community has endured for far too long. Were not only looking for major reform in the American police force and judicial system, but in the media as well, so that protestors can have the opportunity to endorse and represent themselves in order to stop the spread of misinformation in the media. Will post soon with a list of specific demands.

Please keep social distancing in mind. We are going to meet at Fountain square at 1pm, we will have a few speakers. Around 4pm we will all march to the Hamilton county courthouse on 1000 Main Street, do a demonstration, and then have an open mic for black POC to speak then chant and protest until 6pm. Please wear face masks and make sure to stay in a small group of the people you came with, no larger than 10 people. Try to follow 6 feet behind the group in front of you, and be safe! There will be a team of Medics (red vests) and Marshals/Guides (yellow vests) to assist everyone.