24 2020

Festival of Faiths: The New Normal: Human Touch and Children Ministries

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The New Normal for Houses of Worship:  Human Touch and Children Ministries
Revisioning Worship for a New Reality: For most modern history, when we think of worship, we think of a destination. We go to a church, synagogue, temple, mosque, or some physical structure. For many of us, this is currently not possible. What is the new destination? Has remote worship allowed us to view religion as a different type of journey? What new journey is your faith community taking?

It takes a village…. One generation is always maintaining, growing, and nurturing their faith community until the next generation can take over. How are we ministering, nurturing, and preparing our children to live their faith in the time of Covid-19? How are we responding to the anxiety, fear and uncertainty that children are experiencing? What is the gift that clergy and faith leaders offer in times like these?