12 2020

IAC-TEEN QUEST - Two Weeks of Innovative Adventure

For ages 13-18!

IAC@Home, the Tzofim, and BBYO are calling all Jewish and Israeli-American teens nationwide to the TEEN QUEST!

TEEN QUEST is an exciting on-going activity. Using innovative challenges you will have the opportunity to work together with a mutual goal and gain new knowledge, make new connections, friends and have fun while learning useful tools for your future.

The sessions are:

April 12th 5PM PST/8PM EST - Revealing the Challenge - Do you love a good challenge? Don't miss this reveal! Join our April TEEN QUEST!

April 13th 11AM PST/2PM EST - Storytelling Workshop with Niv Shtendel & First Clue - Join us for a storytelling workshop and the reveal of the first clue for the challenge!

April 19th 5PM PST/8PM EST - Video Editing Workshop with Raz Yalov & Second Clue - Join us for a video editing workshop and the reveal of the second clue for the challenge!

April 21st 5PM PST/8PM EST - Let's Have Some Fun! - Let's have some FUN! We will play some unique games, have competitions and meet new friends!

April 23rd 5PM PST/8PM EST - Expert Talk with Yaron Galai & Third Clue - A fascinating Expert Talk from co-founder and CEO of Outbrain Inc. who will reveal the third clue!

April 26th 5PM PST/8PM EST - Video Submissions! - We gather to collect video submissions, summarize the amazing journey and play fun games!

April 29th 5PM PST/8PM EST - Announcing the winners and Yom Ha’atzmaut Party! - Let's celebrate the winning video and the Israeli Independence day together! Bring your flags, blue and white clothing and let's dance!

IAC Eitanim is a cutting-edge leadership and entrepreneurship project-based-learning (PBL) program for teens that enables them to connect, explore and experience Israel; develop their professional and leadership skills and impact their communities. Ultimately, we hope that IAC Eitanim is one of the key building blocks that develops the next generation of Jewish leaders for the entire organized Jewish community.