6 2020

Talking with Children about Loss in the Age of Coronavirus

3:30PM - 4:30PM  

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Join PJ Library as we tackle the tough topic of talking with children about loss.
During this unprecedented time, families are facing a new reality where loss- either of loved ones or of beloved activities that seemed permanent- is a more regular occurrence than ever before.

In a conversation with Rabbi Melanie Levav, Director of PJ Library in New York, facilitated by Sarah Ruderman Wilensky, PJ Library Director of Organizational Partnerships, parents will be able to hear a developmentally appropriate framework for fielding children’s questions and addressing complicated concepts. Melanie and Sarah wear many hats- Rabbi, Social Worker, Educator, Child Development Specialist, Jewish Professional, Chaplain- and they are both parents of PJ Library and PJ Our Way children.

Sponsor: PJ Library