10 2020

Together We Remember-Resisting Division & Defusing Hate with Rachel Brown

3:00PM - 4:00PM  



The United States has recently seen a rise in violence and hate speech, an increase in public rhetoric that seems to encourage violence, and a decline in the perceived legitimacy of U.S. democratic institutions. The spread of COVID-19 adds further fuel to these trends.

Research on international violence and peacebuilding reveals that much can be done to prevent violence and increase resilience—if leaders with influence and resources are ready to face these challenges squarely now.

In this session, with Dangerous Speech expert Rachel Brown of Over Zero, we will explore insights and lessons learned from social science and international peacebuilding—positioning them amidst the specific U.S. experience—to identify and discuss those areas most likely to bolster resilience in the face of escalated risks for political violence. Rachel will talk about responding to dangerous speech as an early warning sign as well as how to build resilience against this type of speech.

Register: bit.ly/lecturedefusinghate