5 2020

What's Cooking?! with Shirly and Nevo

Has boredom already set in? 
Can't find anything to watch on Netflix?
Are you sick of having the same food over and over again? 
Need ideas for healthy and simple recipes?

We may not have the answer to all of your problems, but we made a pretty damn good show to help solve some of them!

We are excited to announce our new production "What's Cooking?! with Shirly and Nevo", a new series featuring simple and healthy Middle-Eastern recipes that will blow your mind! The flavors of Israel are brought to you by the legendary duo - Shirly T. Mizrahi and Nevo Schpire, the Israel Fellows of OSU Hillel and Hillel at Miami University!

Join us for a new episode every Sunday night @ 8pm. Yalla, see you there!