• Create new pathways into Jewish life and community
  • Meet people where they are, based on their individual needs and preferences
  • Care for everyone in our community
  • Ensure all have access to a full and meaningful life
  • Build bridges of understanding
  • Create a more civically connected and safer community


Take a peek at our Outcome Map.
It’s our guide for getting us to a better Jewish Cincinnati in 2030.

We have divided our goal of maximizing our collective impact by 2030 into three areas:

Provide a range of Jewish experiences to help individuals identify new and continued ways to enhance their lives and strengthen their relationships.

Care for the hungry, poor, and those living with disabilities, in need of employment, or suffering from the challenges of aging or mental health.

Build bridges of understanding; advocate for a just and safe society for all; contribute to a better world.

Early accomplishments:


  • The Cincinnati 2030 Special Projects Fund is new Cincinnati-2030-focused funding from the Jewish Federation. Its goal is to fund timely, relevant, and innovative ideas outside of our annual Planning and Allocations process that will help advance on our 2030 Community vision.

    • ​Round One (focused on Engagement) was funded in spring 2022
    • Round Two (focused on Caring and Wider World) is underway
  • Project Shema (a Wider World program) was invited in fall 2022 to give three workshops on learning to have productive conversations on Israel and anti-Zionism with and in progressive circles.

  • Matan (a Caring program) focuses on helping communities understand their inclusion needs, enabling them to establish and meet goals, and training Jewish communal leaders and educators in inclusive practices. An audit of our community's inclusion needs is underway.

  • 2024 Cincinnati Community Mission to Israel. This mission to Israel includes opportunities for unaffiliated or "just Jews" to go to Israel. 


Keep checking back here for more updates. 



Cincinnati 2030 is the name of the Cincinnati Jewish community's plan for strengthening our community by the year 2030. It is a successor to Cincinnati 2020, our community's plan for the previous decade. We are proud of the plan that resulted in intensive capacity-building for our community that we can build on moving forward. Both plans are based on a commitment to being community-driven with stakeholders from across the Jewish community, and a commitment to using the research of a community study as the ground from which to move.  Both were convened by the Jewish Federation in its convener/planner role as our community backbone organization. Starting in 2019, right before COVID happened, the Cincinnati 2030 Steering Committee met for two years to develop the framework and goals you see on this webpage. This framework and goals will be what our community continues to depend on, moving forward.