Cincinnati Jewish Interest Free Loans offers personal and business interest free loans to help with temporary financial needs, because financial pressures can happen at any time. You may lose your job, your roof might spring a leak, you may experience unexpected medical expenses, or need some help paying for life-cycle events.


Whatever the situation, CIncinnati Jewish Interest Free Loans can provide you with financial assistance. We are here to give personal and business loans for the planned and the unplanned—to support you through life’s ups and downs. As loans are repaid, the funds are recycled to make new loans. 

Someone who:

  • > Is Jewish or resides in a Jewish household.
  • > Is at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • > Is a current resident of Greater Cincinnati or nearby communities (minimum 12-month residency required).
  • > Is a US citizen or legal resident.
  • > Can demonstrate creditworthiness and the ability to repay a loan (monthly income exceeds the amount of loan repayment).
  • > Is not currently a co-signer on another Hebrew Free Loan or CJIFL promissory note.
  • > Is not in or considering bankruptcy.
  • > Can provide co-signer(s), depending on the size of the loan, who meet all the requirements.
  • > Can provide suitable references.
  • > Requests a loan that meets the program requirements.
  • > Is not in collections with the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati (JFC).
  • > Can complete and sign the application and promissory note along with the co-signer(s) and participate in a phone or face-to-face interview with the JFC staff and/or endowment committee.
  • > Has the appropriate guarantors. Guarantors are required for ALL CJIFL loans. Your spouse or significant other may not be your guarantor. A minimum of one guarantor is required, and two guarantors (not married to each other) are normally required for loans over $2,500. Your application will not be complete until your guarantors submit their guarantor applications.

Refer to the FAQs section to review the guarantor requirements.

  • > Personal Loans (not to exceed $10,000)
    • > Available to those who lack the resources to meet a variety of financial needs for themselves or family members.
    • > Loans include but are not limited to: adoption/infertility, car purchase or repair, celebrations/Simchas, down payment for first time home buyers, educational needs, funeral expenses, home repair or remodeling, medical or dental health needs, moving expenses, taxes, or temporary unemployment.
  • > Small business Loans (not to exceed $10,000)
    • > Available to those who wish to start, expand, or purchase commercial enterprises located in Cincinnati.
    • > Applicant must demonstrate the viability of the business.
    • > Current credit report must be provided or obtained.
    • > Application requirements may be at the discretion of the committee (a business plan and past financials or financial projections are required as part of the application process and a meeting with the endowment/loan committee may be required).
  • > Loans are NOT for debt consolidation, credit card debt repayment, or student loans, with the exception of technical retraining.


Jim Friedman
Director of Planned Giving and Endowment
513-985-1524  |