JVS Careers

4540 Cooper Road, Suite 300
Cincinnati, OH 45242

P: (513) 936-9675

Seeker Services: JVS Careers provides career and executive coaching for people who are unemployed or unhappily employed, or who want to enhance their leadership or management skills, expand their advancement opportunities or determine whether they should be moving on. Clients can get help crafting and updating a résumé, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile. JVS also offers professional image consultation for interviews, interview preparation and follow-up.

Employer Services: JVS Careers offers businesses access to a large number of qualified potential employees, from entry level to executive. JVS meets with employers to identify their needs, then prescreens and recommends qualified individuals. Executive and leadership coaching services are designed to enhance employee performance. Career Transition services provide departing employees with support as they transition to their next role or career path.