Jim's Tip for August: 5 Top Reasons to Make a Legacy Gift

Here are my top five reasons you should consider making a Create Your Jewish Legacy commitment. But if you have already done so, thank you!

1. Support the future: By making a legacy gift to any of our local organizations, you will build endowment funds that generate annual funding for the local Jewish organizations you love long into the future.

2. Support the present: Each organization participating in Create Your Jewish Legacy receives an incentive bonus of $10,000 each year if it secures enough new commitments to meet its goals. These incentives can be used in any way each organization sees fit. Your commitment will help them get that bonus.

3. Create your legacy: When you establish a legacy gift—whether it’s through a bequest in your will, or a portion of your IRA, or another giving vehicle—you are creating a message for your children, grandchildren, and even the community as a whole. With your legacy gift, you will be telling one-and-all that being generous, caring about others, and thinking about the future are important moral values. These are profound messages for Jewish community members of all ages.

4. Lead by example: By signing on to a legacy commitment, you are leading the community by stepping up and showing your dedication to your beloved organizations. There is no monetary gift that must be made now, just your commitment, your leadership.

5. Save on taxes: While we do not provide tax, legal, or financial advice, we do encourage you to contact your trusted advisor to talk about how a prospective legacy gift can save you on capital gains taxes, estate taxes, and/or income taxes, because these savings can be significant. You might be surprised how easy it is to can create a gift for the future that will provide you with beneficial tax savings now.

Ready to create your Jewish legacy?

To learn more about Create Your Jewish Legacy or leaving a legacy in general, please contact any participating organization, or contact David Harris at the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.

Practice empowered philanthropy.


Jim Friedman
Director of Planned Giving and Endowment
513-985-1524 | jfriedman@jfedcin.org


Debra Steinbuch
Director of Planned Giving and Endowment/CYJL
513-985-1593 | dsteinbuch@jfedcin.org



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