EDUCATE our community on various social and political issues

CONNECT with other faiths and communities to develop relationships and collaborate on issues of mutual concern

ENGAGE in advocacy on issues that embody Jewish values

See how we are making an impact:


- Safeguarding Democracy through Voter Education and Engagement 

- Helping Create Safe and Healthy Communities by Reforming Criminal Justice Policy 

- Supporting Cincinnati's Immigrant and Refugee Communities through Support Service Networks 

- Advocating for Gun Safety and Reducing Violence through Coaliton Building  

- Raising Awareness around Local Social and Political Issues 

- Exploring Diverse Perspectives and Cultures though Interfaith and Intergroup Engagement 


To get connected or involved, please contact Jeremy Spiegel at

Other Opportunities: 


We acknowledge the myriad of social issues that exist today and want to ensure that you can engage on issues that matter to you. If our current opportunities don’t match with your passions for social justice and change, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us. We’ll do our best to connect you with the right place for you to make an impact!