Cincinnati 2020 in 2016: Amy Susskind Weiskopf

Tedd: How did you first get involved in Cincinnati 2020?

Amy: We moved to Cincinnati in 2013. I left a city I loved and a good job so we could raise our children near their grandparents in a well-respected public school district. Even though I’m a native, I hadn’t actually lived in Cincinnati since high school. So when I moved back here, no longer working and no longer among my close network of friends, I felt lost and instantly began wondering if we had made a mistake. Fortunately, Federation heard that a Jewish family had returned to town and immediately reached out to me in multiple ways: personal invites to Federation events, especially Women’s Philanthropy; “setting me up” with new friends; and asking me to participate in the Planning and Allocations Connecting Council, which focuses on one priority of Cincinnati 2020—connecting Cincinnati’s Jews. My involvement as a Connecting Council member was such a wonderful entrée to ... More >


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