Cincinnati 2020 in 2016: Barb Miller

How did you first get involved in Cincinnati 2020?

At the time Cincinnati 2020 was launched, I was Director of Planning and Allocations and worked closely with Andy Berger and Sharon Stern, who were leading the initiative at the time. During the initial phase of Cincinnati 2020, the Federation convened community leaders and a smaller steering committee from all of the local agencies, congregations, and organizations to create a mission statement and a vision statement for this initiative and to set priorities. Both professional and volunteer leaders determined what we should achieve and accomplish in the next ten years to ensure we have a strong, vibrant community in 2020 and beyond. In 2015, under your leadership, we convened a second leaders forum to determine where we were and where we needed to go. At the beginning of this year, we hosted a Cincinnati 2020 Israel Forum to look strategically at how we as a community engage with Israel. More >



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