Cincinnati 2020 in 2017: Marla Lisman

Tedd: How did you first get involved in Cincinnati 2020?  

Marla: I was a member of Adath Israel and a parent of two teenagers both of whom have used their Israel travel grants for high school trips to Israel. However, as a recent mission participant and, inspired by my experiences on the trip, I volunteered to help with Israel mission follow-up within my congregation when we returned home. I was then offered the role of post-Israel mission coordinator for the participating congregations, and in that role learned about Cincinnati 2020. My job, supported by the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, is to make sure that participants’ involvement with their congregation and the community doesn’t stop just because the mission is over. That includes engaging participants in events and programs in their congregations and throughout the Jewish community, as well as identifying people to create and lead these kinds of programs going forward.




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