[Enquirer] Opinion: In Middle East, there's more at play than meets the eye

We wanted to share this important perspective from JCRC Board Member Rabbi Margaret Meyer, who shares her personal story, illuminates the complexity of the conflict in the Middle East and helps to correct the record with important facts that have been missing from the conversation —Jackie Congedo, Director, JCRC.

By Margaret Meyer, Opinion Contributor — As a Jewish Cincinnatian who has worked for justice and understanding throughout my entire adult life – whether by teaching immigrants from many countries, participating in and leading a multi-faith social justice organization, or simply standing with fellow citizens when they were attacked – these past two weeks have left me and many others feeling very alone. We watched Gaza and Israel erupt in flames, and we were filled with deep sadness. We are all distressed by the current conflict. But I did not expect the hatred – the anti-Israel and even anti-Jewish venom – that has appeared in my own community. Read more>>


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