The J is Here to Stay: A Response to the Israelite Article

The Jewish holiday of Purim is a time of jokes and jest. Many celebrate in costume, bake Hamentaschen cookies and play jokes on their friends. 
On March 24, The American Israelite ran, in a special Purim section of the paper, two hoax articles claiming that the Mayerson JCC was going to close and sell itself to the city of Reading. Although the newspaper mentioned in very small print that the articles were fake, many people thought they were true. 
The articles were just as much a surprise to us as they were for you. Don't worry! We're still here and going strong. Our programs and services are safe and sound, and we're going to serve the community for a long, long time - we aren't going anywhere.
So whether you're a member, a donor, or someone who drops in from time-to-time, don't fret. Your J is here to stay. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 513-722-7227.



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