September News: $10 million lost?; donor-advised funds; Gloria Lipson video

Our September News:

If you missed it:  Cincinnati's Congregation & Community Mission—508 people strong—made our local news with op-eds here and here in Cincy Business Courier, and also in Cincinnati Enquirer. 

5 Advantages of Donor-Advised Funds

Did you know that the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati holds many donor-advised funds? Donor-advised funds allow you to centralize your charitable dollars in one convenient account. It's a user-friendly fund that provides maximum tax advantages and flexibility in grant-making along with secure online access to your fund. Here's five advantages:

  1. Simplify your annual giving and record-keeping

  2. Create flexibility in making contributions

  3. Qualify for an immediate tax deduction

  4. Avoid capital gains taxes

  5. Requires an initial gift of as little as $5,000 to get started

Whether you are looking to minimize your taxes, create a charitable family legacy, or honor a loved one's memory, a donor-advised fund may be for you. Contact Deb Steinbuch today (contact info below). 

Meet Gloria and Alvin Lipson and Watch Gloria's Legacy Video: 

"I think it's a Jewish value to take care of our own and also the people in the general community. To be Jewish means you have to be involved."—Gloria Lipson

An accomplished architect and real estate developer, Alvin was deeply involved in the Jewish community. Gloria worked for many years as a social worker and has taken on many leadership roles in local Jewish organizations. Together, they have made a lasting impact on Cincinnati—in the Jewish community and beyond. Watch her video here.

Jim's Tip for September: The $10 Million Tragedy

A few months ago I was informed a local woman—we’ll call her Miriam—had named the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati in her will, and left us $1,000. 

We haven’t received it yet—the estate is still not settled—but just this past Wednesday I heard news from her lawyer that really shook me.  

It turns out the estate has already paid the federal government almost $2 million in estate taxes.  Well, estate taxes are only triggered on money that’s over $5.5 million per individual. This means the estate is worth close to $10 million or more.  More>


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