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April 5, 2019

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As Israel's election day nears on April 9, here are late-breaking 10 things to know about the latest polls and more. For background about election mechanics, check out this comprehensive summary from the Jewish Federations of North America.


The remains of an Israeli soldier who went missing nearly 37 years ago in the Lebanon War have been repatriated, according to the Israeli military. Sgt. First Class Zachary Baumel was lost and believed killed in the chaos after his brigade was ambushed in the eastern Bekaa Valley, a few days into the 1982 Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon. Israel’s military and intelligence services never stopped searching for him, and two others who remain missing. His remains were laid to rest at a funeral attended by relatives, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


The UN's atomic agency has heeded calls by the US and Israel to inspect a site that Netanyahu claimed in September was housing Iranian nuclear equipment and material. The International Atomic Energy Agency sent a team of inspectors to the site in Tehran in February, but experts say that given the amount of time elapsed and the likely removal of equipment, it will be hard to clearly say whether the Israeli claims are true. David Albright, a former weapons inspector, published satellite images that showed some containers were moved from the site after Netanyahu's announcement. 


About 41,000 Palestinians gathered along Gaza’s security fence with Israel to mark the first anniversary of the weekly March of Return protests. After Gaza launched five rockets towards Israel, the IDF attacked several terror targets in the enclave. In Gaza, poverty is widespread and disillusionment among Palestinians with both the demonstrations and Hamas is growing.


A Palestinian attacker was killed Wednesday morning during an attempted stabbing in the West Bank. Initial reports said the attacker blocked an Israeli vehicle in which a father and his daughter were sitting, at a junction near Huwara on Route 60, close to the Palestinian city of Nablus. He approached the car’s driver with a knife in his hand when the driver and an Israeli driving a nearby truck opened fire.


While wrapping up a three-day trip to Israel, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said that improving relations between Brazil and the Jewish state is in the interest of both countries. Bolsonaro visited the Western Wall alongside Netanyahu on Monday, becoming the first head of state to do so with an Israeli premier. The previous day Brazil's Foreign Ministry announced it will open a diplomatic office in Jerusalem. This decision contrasts with the promise that Bolsonaro made during his presidential campaign to move Brazil's embassy to Jerusalem.


We are happy to announce that the Cincinnati Regional Summit on Antisemitism and Hate has maxed out attendance. The JCRC will be live streaming keynotes and panel discussions throughout the day on April 9, which can be viewed on their Facebook page. 


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