14 2021

This Can Happen new JLI 6 week course

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Chabad Jewish Center 3977 Hunt Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236
5137935200 office@chabadba.com

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A credible case for feeling good about the future.
For thousands of years, the prophecies of a "Messianic age" stretched the imaginations of even the most fervent believers.
Not anymore.

Instant media, mass social movements and a global pandemic have shown us how suddenly and radically the world can be rewired by the actions of a few.

Why not for the good?

It’s not magic, it’s Mashiach*

The promise of a literal Redemption led by an anointed redeemer ("Mashiach") is a central, if mystifying, Jewish belief. This course unpacks the purpose of it and the practical path to making it a reality today.

Sponsor: Jeffrey & Sharon Casper