28 2020

Hate and Antisemitism in Ohio During COVID-19 | Part 2

12:00PM - 1:00PM  

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Have you noticed an increase in antisemitic incidents and extremist rhetoric? The ADL shared in a report released on May 12 that antisemitic incidents in 2019 were at the highest level since they started tracking in 1979. On top of it, The COVID-19 pandemic – and the fear associated with uncertainty – has potentially only amplified this trend as people search for scapegoats. Since the start of the pandemic, protestors have targeted Ohio’s Jewish health director, Dr. Amy Acton, while lawmakers have used veiled antisemitic language and invoked Holocaust comparisons in response to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and Acton’s stay-at-home orders. In Columbus, a protestor proudly waved a sign that depicted a rat with a Star of David and yarmulke and read “the real plague.”

The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center, the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati have partnered to present, “Hate and Antisemitism in Ohio and What We Can Do About It,” a series addressing the underlying reasons for the brazen displays of antisemitism, racism, and xenophobia with a focus on and an exploration of ways to combat it.

Join us on Thursday, May 21, at 12 p.m., for an enlightened discussion helping us understand some of these manifestations of hate and what we can do about it. The panel will feature on expert on extremism and intersection of hate, Eric Ward, historian and civic leader, Father Michael Graham, and local JCRC Director, Jackie Congedo.

On Thursday, May 28, at 12 p.m., join us for a panel discussion with diverse community leaders about the ways the pandemic has stoked not only antisemitism, but other forms of xenophobia and impacted local communities. Learn ways to combat hate when you see it online and in your community.