17 2020

Race, Rage, & Fear: Understanding Bigotry, Racism and Complicity

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***1 ticket per person. Each person must register individually unless you are zooming in from the same device then of course only 1 registration is needed. ***

During this session we seek to: 1. discuss such statements like "I'm not a racist" and "I don't see color" and other seemingly harmless statements, 2. discuss the difference between racism/bigotry and how we may be complicit in supporting racism unconsciously 3. seek to compose a list of practical things that everyone can do to help dismantle the systems that cause some of the oppression, disparities, lynchings, and marginalizing that we see over and over again...

50 Free tickets are available. 50 Tickets that require a donation are also available. (any donation about will be accepted. We suggest a $7 donation to support the work.)

In the current social and political climate, it is important that those of us seeking to create positive change in our world have opportunities to engage in real and relevant discussions around race, truth and justice.