Resources for CYJL Teams

To supplement the work the CYJL teams are doing to encourage giving in their, and our, communities

Resources from LIFE & LEGACY

This is an extensive, rich archive from our national partners. "Resources" is user name and "hgflegacy" is password. Topics include formalizing the legacy commitment, gift acceptance policies, legacy conversations, marketing, and sample legacy articles.

Changing Your Beneficiary: Tax IDs and Sample Language for Will or Trust

Designating a nonprofit organization as the beneficiary of your insurance policy or retirement fund is easy. It usually involves filling out a form—and can even be done online. There is no need for a lawyer or any other step. The one thing you may need to supply the fund manager is the tax ID for the organization of your choice. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the legal names and tax IDs for all participating community organizations, congregations, and day schools.

CYJL's Letter of Intent

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Tips for Legacy Conversations

From calling to schedule an appointment, to what you do at the actual meeting, to overcoming objections, and the simplest legacy giving options: your best tips for legacy conversations are here.