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What's the best way to give back? These smart, practical giving strategies show you how.

December Tip: It’s Time: 2016 Year-End Tax Planning

It’s time. As you know, year-end is typically the best time to consider your financial and tax planning strategies. And after this year’s tumultuous election season, it may be more important than ever to meet with your advisors to review your investment portfolio and consider tax,…

Deb's Tip for November: Rollover Win/Win: Sam Supports 4 Local Jewish Orgs

As the end of 2016 is approaching we wanted to share with you a recent gift we received. It was a win/win: not only was it a tax benefit for the donor it benefited the whole community. We’ll call the donor Sam Henry. Sam turned 72 this year and had to take a required distribution…

Jim's Tip for September: The $10 Million Tragedy

A few months ago I was informed a woman from Cincinnati—we’ll call her Miriam—had named the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati in her will, and left us $1,000. We haven’t received it yet—the estate is still not settled—but just this past Wednesday I heard news from her lawyer…

Jim's Tip for August: 5 Top Reasons to Make a Legacy Gift

Here are my top five reasons you should consider making a Create Your Jewish Legacy commitment. But if you have already done so, thank you! 1. Support the future: By making a legacy gift to any of our local organizations, you will build endowment funds that generate annual funding for…

Jim's Tip for July: Use Your IRA Rollover Wisely, and Save on Taxes

This is not a tip for everyone—but it’s one I’ve offered to friends and people of a certain age who’ve asked me for advice a lot—five times in the last month—and each time they’ve thanked me. It has just recently become a permanent benefit so I wanted to share it…

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