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What's the best way to give back? These smart, practical giving strategies show you how.

Jim's Tip for June: Why Pay Attention to Leftovers?

It was the kind of gift all nonprofits dream about. Within the last year, the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati received notification from an attorney that we were to be the recipient of a $100,000 bequest from a woman whose name we did not recognize. We felt lucky and honored to have such a…

Jim's Tip for May: Don't Be a Prince—Rock Star Died Without a Will

Prince died without a will, potentially causing “big complications” for his financial estate, musical legacy, and his one sibling and five half-siblings, according to the New York Times. Forbes last estimated his earnings in 2005, when he made $49.7 million pre-tax in that year…

Jim's Tip for April: Maximizing the Donation of Valuable Assets

Many people may have valuable personal property such as artwork, collectables etc. in their possession that could someday benefit both a favorite charitable organization as well as their heirs. If you own such personal property with potential significant value, you might consider designating…

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