Volunteers are crucial if the Jewish Federation's mission is to be successful; we encourage you to volunteer with the Federation, and/or our local partners and partner agencies, and/or any Jewish community organization, to help our community thrive. 
Many volunteers are needed by our local partners and partner agencies.  Thank you for your help!
Some Federation volunteer opportunities:
Super Sunday is the Federation’s largest annual phone-a-thon. It is a marathon of good deeds, aimed at raising funds to create more good deeds 365 days a year through Federation-funded programs and services.
The way we decide how our annual Community Campaign funds are allocated is unique: fair, democratic, and participatory. Our diverse, essential group of 100-plus Planning and Allocation volunteers spend over 650 hours in a thoughtful, intensive, collaborative, six-month process. They make sure the funds have greater impact, because they go to the programs that most effectively address the most critical needs in our community, and best support and nurture Jewish life here and abroad. Please contact Jan Evans, Director of Allocations, to learn more: 513-985-1528, jaevans@jfedcin.org.


Tikkun Olam, or to Repair the World
A very old man is planting a fruit tree. A passer-by wonders why he would bother to plant a tree that won’t bear fruit until decades after he is dead. The old man responds, “As my father planted before me, so do I plant for my children.” This story from the Talmud models tikkun olam, a Hebrew phrase that means loosely, “repair the world.” The traditional Jewish belief is that we have an obligation to leave this world better than we found it. What we give is not so much for our own enjoyment, but to sustain and improve the world for the current as well as the next generation. It is really not a choice, but rather a requirement, to make our entire community a better place for everyone.  

                                 —​Jim Friedman, from Why Jews Give