Jewish Federation of Cincinnati Online Rules of Conduct

WE WELCOME all members of the Jewish community, including interfaith families and those of every socioeconomic status, race, gender, national background, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical, mental, and developmental ability. We respect and embrace all manner of Jewish religious practice.


OUR MISSION is to develop and connect leaders, contributors, organizations, and ideas to build an inclusive Jewish community that helps people in need, supports Israel, and assures a vibrant Jewish future.


FOUR CORE VALUES drive us as we work to live our mission:

  • Community
  • Inclusivity
  • Learning
  • Integrity


As you contribute to the conversations that our community is having, please respect these general guidelines for posts and comments:

  • When replying to others - especially those with whom you disagree - imagine you're having a face-to-face conversation and ponder how differently you would interact with those people while in the same room, looking each other in the eye. Remember "The Golden Rule"!
  • We understand that the Federation sometimes addresses very emotionally charged subjects. People will sometimes vent their frustration in ways that others with different viewpoints may not agree with. We have many people in our community, with many viewpoints, and no one likes having their viewpoint insulted or sullied. Please consider how others will view/react to your posts before posting.
  • Please keep in mind that our communities are public spaces, so don't post anything that you don't want the world to see.


How to stay in the loop:

  • Go to the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati’s Facebook page and click on “Following”
  • Make sure “In your newsfeed: See First,” and “Notifications: On” are checked.


Posting any of the following may result in a post or comment being hidden or deleted, and/or a user being blocked from this Facebook page:

  • Profane, defamatory, offensive, hateful, or violent language
  • SPAM (malicious link-baiting, linking to viruses or malware that could harm a computer or smartphone, repeated posting of the same content, frequent posting of content that is irrelevant or does not ask a question or add value)
  • Violations of copyright or intellectual property rights
  • Content determined to be inappropriate, in poor taste, trolling, or otherwise contrary to the purposes of the organization