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[Enquirer] America's Future Depends on our Response to the Present

The British historian Arnold J. Toynbee famously theorized that the rise and fall of every great civilization depends on one simple formula: "Challenge and Response." According to Toynbee, the future of a civilization pivots on how it responds to unforeseen challenges – unanticipated, unex…

[WCPO] Remembering Rockdale Temple Rabbi Sissy Coran

As the senior rabbi of K.K. Bene Israel Rockdale Temple for nearly 16 years, Coran was the spiritual leader for many across Greater Cincinnati. She also had so much love in her heart that nearly every person she met quickly considered her a dear friend. Read More >

[WCPO] Jewish Hospital's First COVID-19 Patient Released after Seven Weeks

Jewish Hospital's first COVID-19 patient, 70-year-old Dan Pilder of Finneytown, got to go home Friday after spending almost seven weeks in the hospital. Pilder is an active member of the Cincinnati Jewish community. 

Doctors and nurses who cared for Pilder were afraid the day would never c…

[WLWT] Local volunteers help pack, deliver thousands of meals to seniors

Meals on Wheels is crucial for those who are most at risk of COVID-19 and unable to get groceries. The Mayerson JCC is helping to put food on the tables of seniors across Greater Cincinnati, through Meals on Wheels. Read More >

[Enquirer] A (Virtual) Passover Unlike Any Other

The evening of April 8, Jews all over the world will begin celebrating Passover, the eight-day spring holiday that commemorates the Israelites' exodus from slavery in Egypt. At the center of the celebration is a Seder, a ceremonial meal rich with customs that takes place the first night or…